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Tired of living for everyone else?

Sick of everyone asking you for time and energy?

Done with the mundane dinner, laundry, work demands?

Do you just want to wake up in the morning and feel passionate and excited?Want to do something other than worry about cleaning toilets and stripping sheets?

You know there's more out there for you, but you feel guilty about even wanting it?

You have the house, the career, the kids, everything society said you ‘should’ have to make you happy, yet you still feel like something’s missing, something’s off.

Trust me, I understand.

I was you - unfulfilled, empty and exhausted. I had it all, and yet I felt lost and lonely, and like there was something wrong with me.

And to make it worse, on the outside, it looked as though I had it all together. I felt guilty that I didn’t feel happier. So I worked harder so no one could see the truth. I felt shame and embarrassment that I wasn't satisfied. I couldn’t let people know how empty and miserable I felt.

I was the mother of three amazing kids, wife to an incredible man. I had a beautiful home, had the freedom to travel, and what many would consider an easy life. But I felt broken. Somewhere between raising kids and caring for a home and a marriage, I lost myself.


I remember the day I had my wake up call. It was nothing extreme, but it changed everything.

I had thrown a load of freshly laundered towels into the dryer. As I stood there watching those towels bounce around, I thought, “That's my life."

Every day, I had no direction, no purpose and just carried out activities I thought I should be doing. I was trying to fill my time because I had no idea who I was or what I wanted. I felt weak, I felt weary and I was worried about what my life would become.

I would cry, I would get irritated. I loved my family dearly, but I just felt empty.  I worked so hard to earn my degree and my credentials before kids but I had walked away from it all. And besides, I now valued freedom and flexibility which a typical 9-5 wouldn’t necessarily offer me.

I prayed, I read self help books, I sought out counsel from trusted mentors and I took workshops. Those things were all wonderful beginnings.

At the time, I had also been playing around with photography, I simply wanted to take great pictures of my kids. That’s it. But every time that shutter went off, I couldn’t deny I felt something. I had no clue what it even was-but I felt it. Little did I know that I was being prepped for something.

Eventually the call came. I had been sharing images on facebook so my pictures were starting to get noticed. The first call completely freaked me out, “Can you photograph my wedding?” I thought I was going to die even thinking about it.  But I put a price on it-I literally had no clue what I was doing with my pricing and completely undervalued myself, but I did it. I worked myself to the bone on that one wedding. I needed to prove to myself that I was capable, that I could do it.

I loved it every second of it. I loved working hard and interacting with people.  It was extremely fulfilling. And most of all, I loved gifting people with the beautiful images of a day, a memory that will once be unknown by generations to follow.  I wanted to gift people images that made them feel something every time they looked at them. I wanted them to see how beautiful they were. I wanted them to know how strong and powerful they were through the photographs and moments that I captured.

And it was then the calls kept coming in-one after the next.

I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t know what I was doing. But somehow I knew deep in my heart, that I was meant to do this and that I had a gift. I could sit and allow the fear to completely take over, or I could take action and see what I could make of this. I decided that it was a risk I was willing to take and I went for it.

I decided to take my hobby of photography and turn it into a business. I absolutely LOVED it and worked endlessly at becoming exceptional at my craft.

For several years, it was my passion and it finally felt amazing to create and work toward something that I loved.

But I began to notice how un-confident and insecure the women I was photographing were. As I would photograph them, I would build them up, talk about their dreams, their purpose and their passion and watch them come alive. It was thrilling to be able to pour into them and help them to see possibilities. I could resonate with these women on so many levels. I had been that women, and at times, I still was that woman.

I was beginning to really come alive at this point and see how glorious life can be when you step into your purpose and what you were built for.

With every client I photographed, I felt this heaviness, this urgency to reach women in a different way. Yes, photography was amazing and fun. But it was only at a surface level that I could make a difference. I would photograph them, spend a few hours with them and then it was over. I wanted to do something on a bigger scale, something that changed lived, that changed generations.

Again, I prayed, I read more self-help books and I talked to mentors that I trusted and who I knew would share with me some solid advice.

Shortly thereafter, an email appeared in my inbox from a life coaching school. I had no clue really what I was doing, but I felt incredibly pulled to it and before I could talk myself out of it, I signed up and was back in school.

It wasn’t really until I hired a coach of my own however that everything changed. I had some of the greatest breakthroughs and shifts that you could imagine. I began to take responsibility for my choices rather than blame everyone around me.

I began to figure out what was important to me.

I started to fall in love with me and what my passions and gifts were.

I began to realize the impact I could make on the world.

I took charge of my own schedule.

I started to slowly chip away at and ditch the overwhelm and the guilt that came from putting my needs first and setting healthy boundaries.


And now with two certifications under my belt from the best coaching schools in the world, I help and inspire women just like you to find their purpose in the world. I want women to feel good about taking action in their life toward their dreams.

My mission is to inspire women to realize that they actually can have what they crave. They can have a kick-ass career, a family life they love and show their kids what it means to chase their dreams.

I want women to know that they don't have to lock pieces of them away due to shame and guilt. That they can be proud of who they are, JUST the way they are.

Goodbye, comfort zone. Hello to the good life and the good stuff. More money, more satisfaction, more fulfillment, more freedom, more opportunities.

All it takes is you choosing YOU. You are literally just ONE decision away from changing your life.

As someone who sat on the sidelines for much too long, I can assure you that you won’t be sorry when you choose to turn things around.

So welcome to the first day of the rest of your life…