IMPORTANT: these calls are for women genuinely interested in exploring the possibility of investing in themselves. They are looking to gain the confidence to create a life on THEIR terms. If that’s not you right now, we totally understand.

If that is you,
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1. An action plan to figure our what it is that you want to create. What is it that you are craving in your life?
2. The confidence to ditch the guilt and create a life on YOUR terms.

3. Find your voice and get YOU back-develop some killer confidence and quit talking sh*t to yourself so that you can step into courage and say BUH-BYE to fear.

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Here’s what others are saying:


Before my work with Krista I was lacking confidence, irritable, depressed and unfocused. I truly felt as though I had no purpose.

Through our work together, we crafted my purpose and vision for my life. I now have something I can refer to any moment I need it.  I make small or big decisions and stand tall with confidence. -Katy

"I have become SO much happier and healthier now that I have put a focus on setting the right boundaries for ME.”

— Stef


"I am ever so grateful for the tools and knowledge Krista has poured out and given to me. I am slowly becoming the very best version of me."

— Vanessa


"Through working with Krista I have been able to identify that I was responsible for what was happening in my life. There is no one else to blame. Because of that realization, I was able to take my power back and set strong boundaries which in turn have made me a more strong, powerful woman."

— Sherry


"In my work with Krista, I was FINALLY able to release the guilt.  I now have the tools to know when I'm feeling funky and how to change it." 

— Aleesha


Krista's heart is just pure gold. Add laser-sharp coaching skills on top of that - I found myself the best combo of a diligently caring person and someone who can challenge me in the ways I needed to get unstuck. I can truly say my life is completely different before working with Krista and after. Before, I felt like I was a victim to circumstances in different areas of life. After working with her, I've taken full ownership of my life which has dramatically improved my marriage, my relationship with my children, and has given me the confidence to step forward in building my own business! To top it off, the deep work that we did around uncovering and clearly articulating my unique purpose has now cemented inside of me this lasting feeling of peace knowing that all of the things that I'm doing and will do make sense when they're coming out of this purpose. The lasting impressions I will have of Krista are around her incredible tools/worksheets (that always seemed to appear at the exact moment you needed them), the wide-open spaces she created to allow me to be me, and just how incredibly committed she was to me and the process. It was a beautiful experience with a beautiful coach and I am forever grateful!