Are you ready to step into your most powerful self?

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I don’t always love being awoke at 4am-but I feel this morning is different.

My mind instantly drifted to thoughts of a powerful conversation I had yesterday with a woman whom I had never met.

I was travelling and having a late afternoon lunch at the bar. She walked in and ordered a vodka tonic and washed it down with a plate of cheese curds and a burger. #goals.

I overheard her chatting with the bartender about her upcoming relocation to a new city and that this would be the last time she would be stopping into the restaurant. My curiosity was peaking quickly.

Eventually we struck up conversation that left me thinking a lot of really intense thoughts about life and the choices we make.

She shared with me how she was diagnosed with a very rare form of stage 4 leukemia. It was a sentence that most never see their way out of.

I learned that one of the very things that helped her most in her challenging time and even now as she struggles to feel good most days is meditation.

She explained how the very art of meditation has helped her tremendously with her mindset and with the choices that she makes for herself. Meditation has helped her to release her worry, her approval addiction tendencies and to simply show up as her amazing beautiful badass self.

She is extremely exhausted most days which leaves her to have no social or dating life. It's too taxing on her at this point and yet she was filled with happiness and excitement.

Her present relocation to a new city represents a new chapter and new experiences for her. She is excited for the new season she is entering and building.

However-this major choice she has made for herself doesn’t necessarily sit well with those her love her most-her family. They do not understand her choices and cannot comprehend how she doesn’t spend more time worrying about her health and her life as they do.

She shared with me how her diagnosis was a gift, that she was given as a way to re-adjust her life and find the art of meditation to now be able to spread to others and be a light in their lives.

I can’t imagine being handed a death sentence as she was and then being gifted another chance in life. I found myself thinking what choices would I make that are different than what I am currently choosing? What behaviors and limiting beliefs would I release? What things would I start taking action on that have sat idle in my heart?

We spend so much time wrapped up in our stories and in our worry don’t we? We continually give our power away to this demon called worry when we could be out creating the lives we are craving and sharing our gifts with the world.

Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want to happen. When we worry we place our focus and our energy into the things we don’t want to happen in our lives.

Worry holds you back from amazing opportunities and ultimately from YOUR HAPPINESS. Worry holds you back from the delicious juicy you deserve.

I admired this woman’s strength to stand on her own and do what was best for her. To not give worry a vast amount of room in her life and to take action on the things that matter to her.

To find her happy in amongst the storm.

What about you? Is this the moment you go from being a people-pleasing worry wart to a bold and boundaried badass?

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You're welcome!
Krista Resnick