You have to decide what is possible for you

the moment you decide it's not possible for you, it's not possible for you.png

Life doesn’t happen to you.  You get to be an active participant through choices and carefully crafting it.

You actually get to decide where you want to go, and how you want to arrive there.

You get to map out the details and all the little road stops on the journey.  

But it won’t happen unless you plan it out and take some time thinking about the life you want to create.

Many people think of all the reasons why they can’t.  Why they shouldn’t. Why they couldn’t possibly.  

And they shut themselves down before they ever even begin.  

You have to decide that it IS possible for you.

And then make it happen.

Sometimes it will even feel smaller than turtle steps.  

Many days it may feel as though you are going backwards.  

You have to decide you will keep going

There will be days you will be triggered by circumstances and people.  

You have to decide to keep going.

There will be days you will wake up and not feel like it, you guessed it-

You have to decide to keep going.  

But the moment you choose to believe that it’s not possible for you, then it’s not possible for you.  

You’ve automatically ruled out any other option.

And by doing that, you’ve ruled out creating the life you desire.

It all starts in your mind, decide that it’s possible and then take that one step.

What is something that you would be doing right now, if you decided it was possible?

Krista Resnick