One of the worst habits we can develop


I believe that one of the most deadly habits we partake in is procrastination.  

And yet it somehow seems to be one of the most acceptable.  

We are masters at justifying...we put our dreams and our wishes on hold and tell ourselves that it will happen someday, another day, later.

In essence what you are doing is putting your life on hold. 

Someday is NOT a day on the calendar.  

Procrastination is rooted in fear and/or laziness.

It's scary to step out and say what we want, to take a step forward.  To claim with is rightfully ours and make it happen.

“What if I’m ridiculed?

“What if people laugh?”

“What if I fail?”

“What if I succeed and can’t keep up at that pace?”

All legitimate excuses.  All real feelings. And everything you feel inside of you is real.  But that doesn’t mean that you should just sit down and let the fear win.

Fear is powerful because it lurks in the dark-it goes unnoticed in the back of our minds.  It runs rampant. Often times we become so accustomed to it, that we don’t even recognize it’s toxic voice.

The answer to this darkness is to shed light.  Your truth is the light. The truth of who you are is like a healing ointment to an ailing illness.

The truth is-you were born with great potential.

You were born with greatness

You were created to do amazing things and make an impact.

You are worthy and whole-you always have been. 

You just let fear have it’s way for awhile.  

So now it’s time for you reclaim your worthiness.  

You are not broken

There is nothing wrong with you.

So what experience have you been postponing?

What is one thing you have been saying you will do ‘later?’

Maybe it’s that trip to Greece

That backyard picnic you’ve been wanting to have

Guitar lessons

A triathlon

A Friday morning canoe trip down the river

Hiking in the Alps

A morning off to do nothing but watch Disney movies in bed with your kids

Join a biking group

Learn how to skateboard

Take a class at the local college

Enroll in a cooking class

Host a gourmet dinner

Take up cross country skiing

Schedule it TODAY

Make it happen. 

This is your permission slip.