I had a hissy fit over gym equipment

Change your thoughts. Change your life.

Several months ago I made the decision to really get my thoughts and actions in order when it came to my personal health.  

It’s always been an easy area for me to either be all in or all out.  It sometimes seems or feels as though there is no in between.

But what I know is that I love the way it makes me feel when I’m done.  I love the energy that it gives me and it’s one of the non-negotiables that sets me up for success all day long.

This time of year, I travel quite a bit and so I will often find myself scouring out a hotel gym, which in most cases seems to always work out okay.

I’ve learned some really great free weight exercises (which are my favorite anyway) and I’m typically able to piece something together that works out pretty good and gets my day off on the right foot.  

Last week I found myself in a hotel and before I started my day, I had already made the decision that I would be utilizing the gym in whatever way I could.

I got up a little early and got my gym clothes on and headed down.  When I arrived there, I was met by a piece of equipment that looked as though it was quite possibly from the prehistoric dinosaur days.  I instantly felt discouraged and noticed that I had a sudden strong urge to turn the other way, grab an extra cup of coffee, head back up to my room and get back under the covers with a good book.

I didn’t feel like trying to figure out this prehistoric dinosaur piece of equipment.  I was feeling mad and irritated that they didn’t have “regular, normal” free weights and definitely didn’t feel like using much brain power to piece together some sort of workout on this piece of machinery that appeared as though it came straight out of the early 1900’s.

HOWEVER-what I was committed to was how those workouts make me feel.  I was committed to the energy they give me and my personal health. I feel so satisfied and happy when I know I’ve put in a good workout for the day.  It’s sort of like the difference between brushing your teeth in the morning and NOT brushing your teeth-ewww…

I caught myself quickly and referred back to something that gets me through times like this.

I must change my thoughts to change my life.  

I must change my thoughts to change my life.

I must change my thoughts to change my life.

And in that very moment, I knew that I was being a baby when it came down to it.  Having a pity party for myself because it wasn’t “exactly” what I had hoped for.

I got on that piece of machinery real quick and I made it work to my advantage.  And to my surprise, I was able to piece together a really great workout that resulted in me feeling accomplished, satisfied and proud.  

And that sure beats feeling discouraged, negative and tired all day.  

You see, everything starts with our thoughts. EVERYTHING begins in between our two ears.  

Consider the last time you did or didn’t talk yourself into something, it all started with your thoughts about “the thing.”  I

f you want to change ANY behavior, it all starts with your thoughts.

So today-examine your thought life-be an investigator in your own head.  

When you are dreading that morning workout...what are you thinking?

When you are not wanting to get out of bed...what are you thinking?

When you are not wanting to write your book...what are you thinking?

When you are wanting to reach for that 4th piece of pizza...what are you thinking?

When you are not following through on applying for that new job you so desperately desire...what are you thinking?

We can let our minds rule us, or we can make the decision right now, that we will rule our minds.

 And learning to rule your mind is how you begin to take your power back and create the life that you crave.



Krista Resnick