You have to REALLY want it.


One thing that I’ve learned over the course of all time-is that you have to actually really want what it is that you say you want.

Wanting and wishing simply aren’t the same things.

It’s not enough to think it’s a cool idea.

It’s not enough to HOPE that you can get it (whatever IT is for you)

You have to be ruthless about it.  You have to know, like you know, like you know, that you want it and it’s yours.

And there are so many stumbling blocks as to why wanting it, claiming it and believing you can receive it,  trips people up.

Fear raises its ugly head on so many levels.  

But one of the fear blockers that I see most today, is the idea of perfectionism.

Things MUST look a certain way before you can begin.

Wouldn’t that be nice?  If we had all our ducks in a row.  If we had all of our t’s crossed and our i’s dotted?

Or would it?

Something that I know to be true and see ALL of the time is that people are craving REAL.  They are dying for someone to show up and give them an authentic bitchslap and show them some honesty.

There may have been a day where only polished and perfect was okay-but not anymore.  People crave more. People need more. And whether you know it or not, people are asking for more.

So this comes at a “perfect” timing.  Ugg….i loathe that word.

Truly.  I can’t even stand the sight of it.  It has done so much damage to our society and the people.  Because typically when you use it-you are still saying there is a level of perfection to strive to.  

So perhaps I will refer to this more as-”the stars aligned and all was well…”  

The synchronicity was marvelous.

I had forgotten that straight away Monday morning, I was scheduled for an appointment to receive a medical treatment on my face.

It’s not a happy fun treatment-It’s a treatment that leaves me feeling much like a dog after surgery walking around with the cone of shame.

I imagine that it resembles much like a person with leprosy.  Bright red and blotchy-all up and down my face and neck. I receive the treatment so little, that I had forgotten how bad it looks once I am done.

It’s always interesting how something like said treatment or showing up less than perfect can cause a person to stumble a little.  To not feel their best or on their game. To feel less than stellar and a little self-conscious.

And it wasn’t bad enough that I had a few errands scheduled, I also had a facebook live that I was scheduled for in one of my private groups.  

And of course wouldn’t you know, we were talking about perfection.  I tell ya, the synchronicity is hysterical!

I knew I couldn’t cancel.  Because when you commit and say you want something-you have to be ALL IN.  

You cannot wait to BE inspired and for the motivation to strike.  

It is purely unacceptable to be cancelling and waffling for the slightest and silliest of reasons.  

If that were the case I would be cancelling all the time.  

And people expect me to show up.

Because I have something to say.  And I committed. Not only for the people.  But I committed to myself.

And the moment I pulled out the camera, the thought crept up-”You’re really doing this? You look horrid.”

And before I could entertain that limiting thought for one more second, I pushed play and got on about my business.  

Because that it what you do when you say you will.

That is what happens when you say you want something.

That is what going all in looks like.

Was it less than ideal?  Perhaps.

Was it less than perfect?  I don’t know-I don’t believe in perfection.  You can decide that for yourself.

Yesterday’s live, all red and war torn was around the idea that underneath perfection, what’s really going on is the deep seeded believe that You, I aren’t really good enough.

Think about one claims they are a “perfectionist” for the simple fun of it.  

I can definitely think of other ways to have a good time.

No-what’s really going on is this crazy thought pattern that I am not really good enough so I have to put on this layer, this mask so you don’t see and judge the REAL me.

Cause the REAL me might not be acceptable.  

The REAL me might disappoint you.

The REAL me might not be enough.

The REAL me might be too much.

The REAL me might fall short.

And so we work and strive and layer the masks so that no one can actually see the REAL person underneath.

And when we show up anything less than the REAL me, The REAL you-we are cutting pieces of ourselves off and deciding that those pieces aren’t really valuable.  

They aren’t really worth showing.

And bit by bit-our soul begins to die.  To wither away because the REAL person has been packed away.

The REAL person is dying at times to come out and have a voice.

But she was told that if she did-Aunt Bertha may not approve.

Your husband may get upset.

Your children may get embarrassed.

The PTA may think less than stellar of you.

And the list goes on and on and on…

It breaks my heart quite literally.  Because you were born this incredible human.  

With things to say, stories to share, a personality worth knowing, gifts to put out into the world and a RESPONSIBILITY to act on it.

You say you want it, but when any little thing comes your way, you hide. You play small.  You’re afraid to let the REAL you and your REAL needs out.

You hide behind “perfectionism” which is slowly killing your soul.

And you wonder why you aren’t getting the results in your life that you desire?

Start looking in the mirror and asking yourself where you are hiding.

Are you going to live your life hiding behind this mask that is unattainable, and un-sustainable?

Are you good with giving your freedom, your power, your energy to other people and their interpretations, stories and a series of other events and stuff?

So yeah-did I feel a little silly when I pushed play and showed up with a face that looked like it had been through hell?


But I pushed on away.

Because how we do anything is how we do everything.  And when we start giving our power away in one area, we begin to give it in other areas as well.

We start to be quitters, excuse makers, storytellers and victims in other pieces of our life.

And we let this ugly thing called perfection win.  

But i’m here to say...WHO you are today is forming who you’ll be tomorrow.  And the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

And pretty soon you will wake up screaming that you can’t take it anymore and shit will explode.  

So the answer?  Show up despite how less than stellar you feel.  Show up because you want it. Show up because someone needs it.  Show up because other people are dying for what you have to offer.  Show up because it’s your zone of genius. Show up because there is no such thing as perfection anyway. Show up because people need to see REALNESS in today’s world.  Show up because you will be a breath of fresh air to that exact person who needed to hear your message.


The alternative?  Go down with the rest of them-playing their silly perfectionistic game.  Building un-authentic lives. And watch it explode at some point.

Stop allowing your limiting beliefs, your stories, your B.S to be bigger than your dreams.

And remember-if you can dream it, you can do it!

You Matter….xo!

Krista Resnick