What you are tolerating you are trading for your LIFE


It’s no surprise that I speak my mind.

And it’s time to have a come to Jesus of sorts.

It’s time for you to stop sitting on the fence and make a choice.  

But from where I see it, most people don’t like the choices they are left with.   

And so you sit and you wait.  And you’re convinced that someday it will be your day.

Someday you will have that rocking body that you dream about.

Someday you will have the business you’ve always wanted.

Someday you will have the greatest soul to soul relationship.

Someday you will use your voice to ask for what you need instead of playing in the background.

But I did a double check on my calendar and strangely someday didn’t appear.  

We all know what Someday means.  It means never. Get truthful with yourself.  With that belief and approach, it will literally never happen.  

So let’s stop messing around.  

What is it you want?  What is it you stand for?  What is it that you know is missing from your life?  Where are you currently not seeing results, know that you are settling when you could be receiving more?

I know what you say and what you share on Facebook, i see you.  I know what you say you believe.

But you don’t really believe.

Because if you really believed it, you would be showing up differently.

And so you wait.  So that you can be more brave, more ready, more prepared, stronger, more focused.  

“You know...the time is just off.”  

Girl-it’s time to Woman up-the time has been off for you your entire life.

It’s not enough to just say you believe and then wait for the universe to hand you the green bills and the chiseled body.  Life isn’t going to just hand you the pie in the sky. It isn’t going to just toss you the man of your dreams who feeds you grapes on your couch at night-(ewwww-does anyone really want that anyway?)

It doesn’t work that way baby.

You have to show up.  

Because when you show up for life, life shows up for you.

There is no in between.  There is no sorta. There is no sorta being pregnant.  There is no sorta being Christian. You can’t sit on the fence all day.  It’s either on or off

You either choose what you want and  start making choices that align with who you are or you don’t.


And the real truth is that you cannot make your choices and expect to show up playing the martyr.  You don’t just get to make your choices and then bitch about them.

It doesn’t work that way.  Make your choice and then accept it.

But here is a lesson on what I believe-things will never change for you unless you begin to say HELL YES TO YOURSELF.

You have to be all in.

You have to claim your steak in the ground.  

You have to look in the mirror and know like you know like you know that you are enough.  You are worthy of making choices that align with happiness, joy, freedom and abundance.

But you’ve got yourself convinced even as you’re reading this, that it’s not that bad.  

That maybe you’ve just misunderstood something.

That maybe you’ll get after it tomorrow.

That next week will be a better week to start.

And that’s how you live your life.  One foot in, one foot out. Half-assed.  Some Days you feel the fire and are inspired to take a little action, but then whoops….today you just didn’t really feel like it….

And the stuff you are doing everyday just feel meaningless and you know it.  You know beneath the surface that you were made for more.

But you continue to be stuck in the cycle, in the pattern of giving your time to what doesn’t fill your cup.

To the things that leave you empty, dry and hungry for something different.  


And I can assure you, unless you feed your soul, nothing will change.

You will wake up everyday feeling:












But it’s not that big of a deal right?  You don’t wanna rock the boat. Or upset your kids.

Or your pastor. Or your mother.  Or your nosy neighbor-Good lord, we can’t have her talking to all her bridge friends about us now can we?

You don’t want to rock the boat.  

Cause you’re a people pleaser right?  

You’re job is just to be a support staff to everyone else.  As long as they’re happy, as long as they are having fun, as long as their needs as met…

I call bullshit.  I call you out. I don’t think that’s really you.

 I don’t think people pleasers actually exist.  It’s not even a thing.

But attention whores?  Now those are a real thing.

You know-that women who pretends she’s a people pleaser because she is so conditioned to believe that she is a people pleaser.

She’s learned that the only way to can receive affirmation, attention, validation and love is to always be doting on someone else.  Caring for their needs, being their cheerleader.

And you sit in the backdrop once again, miserable, resentful, bitter and handcuffed to the fear of doing anything different.

So this toleration is costing you everything.  You are trading in your life for what you are tolerating.  

So back to your beliefs...what is it again that you believe???

Oh right...what you actually believe is costing you everything.

So it’s time to rip the bandaid off.  No slow motion. No little bits at a time.

You gotta rip that sucker and GO.

Freedom, Abundance, Choice are all your birthright baby.  But it’s UP TO YOU TO CLAIM THEM.

You have to own your worth.  You have to claim your enoughness.  And demand something different.

Because when you show up for life, life shows up for you.  

You were not meant to merely be tolerated.

So where is it that you need to adjust.  Where do you need to make some changes? Where are you merely settling?

I know you know...cause you’re way more brilliant than you give yourself credit for.  

And remember-if you’re dreaming it, you can DO IT.

You Matter..xo

PS.  Last night I announced in a facebook live that I am going to putting together a 4-6 week program called


You were born to do amazing work in the world.  You were born to be celebrate. You were born to celebrate.  You were born to use your voice. Your opinion and knowledge is NEEDED in the world.  

You were born to have an insanely delicious relationship with yourself.  Because when you are ruthless in how you feel about yourself, everything flows from that place.  You show up in the world claiming your place, owning your power and sharing your gifts.

You make space for her to play, to be seen, to be heard.  To be a participant in her own damn life. She feeds her soul because she knows and honors what she needs.  She demands relationships that are soul filling and sets boundaries like a MOFO.

She is unavailable for ANYTHING less than her best.


It’s not really about a summer of hell yes.  It’s about a lifestyle of HELL YES!!!

Because when you say yes to life, life says yes to you!!!!

No details have been released for this program as of yet-it was a direct download that I received and as a result I am inviting my community-aka YOU to comment below or PM me to let me know that you are interested.


Imagine a life :

where you were in the best shape of your life.  

that you were using your gifts everyday.

where you didn’t sit on the sidelines anymore-you asked for what you needed.

where you were sharing your message everyday

That is FILLED with relationships who celebrated just the mere idea of YOUR PRESENCE.

where the money just flowed

where your partner was your bestie

That you woke up to every morning excited and ready to start the day…



As the worthy amazing women you are-you deserve to , you get to, you must nurture and honor yourself above all else and give yourself what you need.  


Details coming SOON!!!

Krista Resnick