Is it a surprise to you that it is way easier to be in the zone and FEEL ALIVE when you are in FLOW.  In alignment, living in your purpose? Doing the things you were created to do?

The person you were always meant to BE

Enjoying the things you were always meant to HAVE?

Life just feels so much more FREE and INSPIRING when we do it the way it’s supposed to be.  

And the way it’s supposed to be is to release the real YOU.  The you who is enough worthy, called to do great things in the world.

I can promise you, you were never meant to live in misery.  You were never meant to put yourself on the back burner. It’s not normal and okay to feel less than, inferior and powerless.  



Did you know that?  Is that a new idea for you?  

Perhaps that is a new thought….and you know that I never speak things that aren’t true.  It’s 100% true.

You’re just not accessing it.  You are stuck living a life of should-itis.

It’s a lethal infection of living your life based on what and who everyone else thinks you should do, be and have.  

You know….

” A good mom should make a homemade meal every night.”

“ Women should never be leaders.”

“Women should be happy they’ve come as far as they have.”

“You should really be at all the PTA meetings.”

“Someone  your size really shouldn’t weigh that much.”  

“Women really shouldn’t take up that much space.”

“Women were meant to do service based jobs.  Or raise their families. NOT be powerful leaders.”

I won’t tell you exactly how I feel about some of these statements.  My guess is that if you know me at all, you know how I feel.

My guess is that you could create your own list of what others have should on you.  And at some point, you probably made an agreement with what someone thought you should do, be or have.

And the current results you are experiencing in your life are a direct reflection of some of the agreements you have made.

You don’t believe your worthy of more.

You don’t believe you have what it takes.

You don’t feel enough.

You don’t feel acceptable.

You feel like you might make a fool of yourself.

You feel like others may not approve of you.

You believe that if you step out, you really will fail, just like they say.


Really...I’m actually asking.  WHO ARE THEY?

And why are they holding you captive?

Why do you choose to allow someone to have that much power over you?

Why do you allow others who don’t pay your bills and live your life to have such a stronghold over your dreams and purpose?


It’s all fear.

Fear of what others think

Fear you will be judged

Fear you will be criticized

Fear you will not be enough

Fear you will be too much

Fear you don’t have what it takes.

Fear you aren’t smart enough.

The list is grueling and long and ugly.  You get the point.

And so you make an agreement that everyone else knows better than you.  Because deep down you’re afraid.

And I’m here to say-it’s okay to be afraid.

I would never tell you not to be.



And no one gets to tell you different.  Well-unless you choose to let them right?

And so it’s not about telling you stop feeling the fear-BE FEARLESS- and yaddy yah-yah…..

It’s about releasing the idea that YOU KNOW.  That your opinion is worth JUST as much as anyone else’s.  You’re life is worth JUST as much as anyone else’s and YOUR STORY MATTERS.



But you’ve told yourself that you told matter and that you need to live your life collecting everyone else’s opinions of you.  

Because somehow someway-you think THEY matter more than you.

And it’s simply NOT TRUE.  Not in the slightest.

And this results in you not being aligned with who you really are.  Who you were always meant to be.

You are playing chameleon because you think that is somehow better than the real you.  And so the layering begins.

The layering of the masks.  The ones that you place on you so no one can see the REAL you.  

And you wouldn’t have a clue what action to take on what because you don’t even really know who you are.  

At this point is sorta like saying-“would the real slim shady please stand up.”

Which one of you is going to take action?  Because the masked you doesn’t even know what she stands for.  So when you don’t know what you stand for-how do you take action?  

It’s a complete and total unraveling of the masks. A release of what everyone thinks of you and what you should be doing or not doing, being or not being, saying or not saying, having or not having.

So what will you do sister?  Will you continue to allow everyone to should all over you?

Or will you take a stand for what you want?

For what feels right and true.

So that you can do all that you were brought here on this earth to do.

Will you fulfill your mission?  Will you share your message?

Will you step into your full potential?

Or will you continue to live life at a half assed pace doing half assed things?

So stop allowing people to should all over you.  

Trust that your opinion is as valuable as anyone else’s.

Believe that you have something worth sharing

Know at a deep and profound level that your essence is magic.

That you are THE GIFT.

And always remember -

If you can dream it, you can DO IT!

You Matter. Xo



Krista Resnick