That time I wanted to buy a purpose....


When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with the idea of having a purpose.  I was CONVINCED and certain that my mom would and should march me down to the local Woolworth’s and purchase me a purpose.


I would not back down.  I was persistent and would beg.  “Please mummy...can we PLEEEEEAAASE buy a purpose?”

I had forgotten about this memory for a really long time.  

Until one day I was thinking about my past-trying to piece some things together. And it hit me out of nowhere.

I was about 5.  And I truly begged and begged my mom for a purpose.  I simply could not understand why we couldn’t just purchase one.  
Why couldn’t we just grab one off the shelf, have sweet Mrs. Raether check us out, package it up and head on home?

It just didn’t make sense to me.  How completely outrageous and ill-logical that we couldn’t simply pick one off the shelf, bag it up and take it home?  

And I find it so ironic that 39 years later, this is what I help people do.  I help them return to their purpose. To uncover it if they feel like they’ve lost their way.  To put it out into the world. To use it to fuel their lives. To use it as their northern star-their compass, their light when maybe they’ve lost their way.  

Whatever you want to call it. However you want to describe it.

And isn’t that what we do?  When we’re kids we are so committed to what we want.  We stop at nothing to get it. We are all in.

100% committed.  

And then life happens.

And we allow our stories and our fears around why we can’t to become louder than our dreams.  

We have no idea how many days we have left.  That’s just the cold hard truth. We just don’t.  I simply mention this because I want to impress upon you..


Are you doing what matters to you?

Are you doing work that lights up your soul?

Are you committed to leaving the world with something that matters when you are no longer here?

Or have you gone numb?  Convinced yourself that your story doesn’t matter.

Or too terrified to even step out and try?

You deserve to live a life where you are excited to get out of bed everyday and do work that matters.

You deserve to have your head hit the pillow each night and feel satisfied, fulfilled, happy and beyond thrilled at the work you are putting out into the world.  

Our lives were never given to us to show up lifeless, zombielike and miserable.

Maybe that’s a new thought for you.

But it’s 100% true.

You were made for more.  You were built for more. You were created to BE, DO, and HAVE whatever it is your heart is craving.  

So it’s time to DECIDE that you must open your heart to the idea that you were made for more.  You were made to fulfill A PURPOSE, YOUR PURPOSE.




Be pulled by your vision or be pulled by pain.

Did you know that 80% of the world will wait until the pain gets so bad to make a shift, a change?

They will sit in misery and discomfort until the pain becomes so unbearable.  

The pain of not feeling comfortable in your body-the extra 100 pounds you’ve carried around for decades.

The pain of an abusive relationship.  You’ve convinced yourself for years you were leaving, but could never muster up the courage.

You’ve told yourself you will get out of that miserable job for 5 years now.  And still you sit. And you keep telling yourself that your day will come.

But I’m here to be a truth teller.  And the truth is-that day will never come.  

You have to CHOOSE it.  You have to DECIDE. You have to DECIDE WHAT IT IS YOU WANT FROM LIFE.

Making the decision is always half the battle.  

But so often we will procrastinate, become wishy-washy and loose with what’s important to us.

We allow ourselves to believe that someday our day will come.

Someday it will be our turn.

Maybe in a couple years.

Maybe when things aren’t so crazy.

Perhaps when things don’t feel so mayhem and messy.

But truthfully, that is just a lie you are believing.  




I remember I thought the same thing.  I thought that because it was something that was birthed in me that it would just happen.

That I would just wake up and POOF-the magic would happen.  I would be living my purpose.

It would be so nice if it went that way wouldn’t it?

But unfortunately it doesn’t.  It a choice you have to make. You have to try.

You have to stop guessing and start taking action.

Even if you don’t know what to take action on.  You have to try to step out and do some things that feel appealing to you. Things that light you up-even if you don’t know why.

Even if it doesn’t always make sense.

Like that time I decided to sell makeup and skin care products.

It’s a bit laughable now.

But I can look back and see the skills that were built in me for the next season, the next reveal.

It built my confidence selling.

It helped me get in front of people.

It helped my speaking in front of groups.

And for the small period of time, it made me happy.  And that is the most important. Because when you are feeling happy, satisfied and fulfilled-you will continue to step out and try new things.  You will keep going. You will get curious about what’s behind that door. What’s behind this thing? And pretty soon one thing leads to another, to another, to another.

The point?  You’ve got to get out there and try some things.  Tap into what lights you up.

I don’t know isn’t a good excuse to not try.  

I didn’t know either.  I just tried things and kept going.

Are you wanting to start that dream biz?  Then start by taking a business course at your local community college.  Start by doing something and adjust.

Are you wanting to lose weight?  Start by purchasing some walking shoes.  Get out and move your body 5 days a week for a month.  See what happens. The following month purchase a gym membership.  Lift some weight. Don’t know what you’re doing? Perfect-i didn’t either back in the day so I googled it.


Your first step is to start to pay attention-are you more committed to your bullshit or your dreams?

If it’s your bullshit, then be okay with that.  You don’t get to make a choice and then bitch about it.

But if you’re committed to your dreams, then you WILL figure it out.

Let your passion pull you.  

You have to be willing to take the first step.  You have to be willing to at least DECIDE!

You can’t buy a purpose at the local Woolworth’s-for at least two reasons-first of all, woolworth’s hasn’t been a thing for decades.

Second, it just doesn't work that way.  Your purpose is there-it’s on the shelf-it just is waiting for you to pick it up.  Choose it. Decide that it's time.

Focus on your vision everyday.  DO THE WORK.

And remember that if you’re dreaming can DO IT.

***and in honor of my 5 year old vision of purchasing my purpose at the local woolworth, I thought you might enjoy a picture of my 5 year old badass self.***

You Matter...xo,


Krista Resnick