We take pictures to remember. To remember how our little ones chubby little fingers felt wrapped up in ours. To remember the smell of tiny newborn toes, or the way that your little person laughs when you tickle his belly. Or maybe you never want to forget the smell of Sunday morning pancakes or the way it felt when your spouse held you tight just for that one moment longer….We long to remember these things and at the end of the day, pictures are truly the only tangible thing that we have to look back on and pass along to our next of kin that truly tells our stories. Pictures have a way of making us stop for a moment and reflect on who we are and the relationships in our lives that have made an impact on us and the people that we love so deeply.

I believe that moments never happen when they are forced. I value who you are as a family and what makes you special and unique. My lifestyle sessions are focused on little posing and a whole lot of having fun and interacting. My goal with lifestyle sessions is that I will capture the love and bond between each family member and you can kick back and just be YOU. No forced smiles at the camera, no “CHEESE.” Your story should be told in a way that is honest and true and I am driven to capture the playfulness, the love and the laughter that I know you feel for one another. Each and every season of your life is important and I can assure you that these moments are fleeting. Let me help you remember them…

Life is an amazing experience. Those experiences are always connected with people. That’s why photographing YOUR people is so important and so meaningful.