Inspire : 2017 Senior Model Team Themed Shoot

Inspire : 2017 Senior Model Team Themed Shoot

Back this summer I decided to throw out to the girls the idea of them planning our fall shoot.  Not because I didn’t want to plan it or couldn’t plan it…but I believe so much that when more brilliant minds come together for the same purpose, amazing things can happen.  After tossing around many great ideas, the girls finally settled on the idea of everyone purchasing a T-shirt that was meaningful and inspirational.  We called the theme INSPIRE because our ultimate goal was to use a quote or a mindset that had inspired us to inspire others. We believe that we all have something inside of us that wants to be about a greater purpose.  We all want to live a life of significance in some way and I think we all want to know that somehow, someway, we have inspired someone to get out there and use their gifts and talents to make the world a better place.

The girls recruited hair and makeup artists, planned out their clothing, and we met in the early hour morning at my home to get ready for a fun-filled day in the St Croix Forest.  I asked each of the girls to write a little bit about why they chose their shirt and what it meant to them.

Each of these girls are so kind, caring, smart and they have completely made their way into my heart.  Spending a whole day with them is such an honor and an adventure.  I am truly thankful for them and the joy they bring to my life.

All Hair and Makeup provided by: Allie Rhode & Cassidy Crotteau

Missing from this shoot is: Sara Ademi, Mary Brodzinski, Ally Logan, Taylor Gibbs, Taylor Olsen & Kristin Doriott
senior model shoot
senior model shoot in the forest

Madeline, Class of 2017-Rice Lake High School

Matthew 6:22 says that, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” This verse in particular spoke to me because it talks about being a light, which is what I want to be to others. I want to enlighten people on their value and give each person a speck of “light” each day to build on and grow with. 
senior themed shoot
Themed Portrait Shoot

senior portraits in a forest
senior pictures in a forest
hair and makeup shoot

Lydia-Class of 2017-Eau Claire Memorial

Over the last season I’ve learned about strength. Strength in mind, strength in body, and strength in person. Strength is powerful and it allows you to overcome whatever comes your way, as long as that strength is founded in Christ.
“Girl power” to me symbolizes standing in Christ, on my own, independent. I don’t need a man to help me stand and be strong: I’m capable on my own, through the love and death of Christ.
This strength is complimented by a clean white tshirt, because where there is Christ, there is new life and cleansing from wherever you’ve been.
In Him, I’m clean and lily white, standing strong in His truth and His strength in me.
girl power pictures

amazing senior pictures

Lauren Hoppa-Class of 2017-Eau Claire Memorial

I picked the shirt that I did because family has always been one of the most important things in my life. I am an only child, and I grew up wishing some of my cousins were actually my brothers or sisters. The connection that can be made between family is incredible, the person who is the best friend I have ever had is my cousin, and I consider her more of a big sister than a cousin. I know that I would not be who I am without her. Family can have such a big impact on us and we don’t always realize it until we step back and look.


2016-12-07_0016.jpgsenior-girls-portrait-shoot-in-a-forest-4Gabby -Class of 2017-Cameron High School

You need courage to stand up for yourself and what you believe in or you will never end up as the person you want to be.  You need to be kind to everyone to get the things you want in life.  Kindness gets you wonderful friends and will get you further in life.


Chelsi-Class of 2017-Cameron High School

I full heartedly believe that we all have a voice that is far more powerful then we could ever imagine. We all are created equal, but our stories are all different and unique. Our lives are shaped by the choices and decisions we make—decisions that are made by the mimicking and following of others—being an echo. Or the decisions that are based on doing what you believe is right and is what you want to do. 

When you become a voice, you are standing up for what you believe in, you are becoming that voice in the silent crowd, you are making your own choices, you are the person to say what everyone wants to but can’t, and you are becoming the person God wants you to be. Being a voice doesn’t just mean voicing your opinion to the world when you think it’s right, it also means voicing your mistakes to God when you were wrong. That’s why I choose, “Be a voice not an echo.” It not only reminds me to be and say what I want to believe in, but also to not go mute when I have made a mistake. Many people stop once they make a mistake in fear of making another mistake again. Instead of silencing my voice, I voice my mistakes to God. This quote speaks volume to me spiritually and mentally. Don’t let someone else’s beliefs or past mistakes stop you from being the person you want to be. “Be a voice, not an echo.” -Albert Einstein



Abby-Class of 2017-Ladysmith High School

I chose escape the ordinary as my quote because it describes how I want to live.  I don’t want to be like everyone else and I find that to be the best way to live.  Trying to be or do things that don’t represent YOU can ultimately cause you to stray from who you truly are.



2017 Inspire theme shoot


2017 Inspire theme shoot




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