Rice Lake WI, Engagement | Ashley & Dane

It was definitely a suprise to them both looking back that they actually met. It was Jack Pine Savage Days in Spooner and Ashley was in town for the night with a friend. It just so happens that Dane was playing baseball that night in town as well and through his sister, their paths crossed. As they describe it, their eyes landed on each other for a moment-but nothing much came of it that night. They simply met, enjoyed eachother’s company, but at the end of the evening they went home without a date planned or phone numbers exchanged.Dane was interested in Ashley, and really wanted to get to know her more and see her again. Thank Goodness for Facebook! He was able to send her a private message and they began to chat. As Ashley describes it, he asked her for a date-but never really got around to setting a day. She finally grew tired of waiting and asked him if this ficticious date was ever really going to happen. (because she too, wanted to see him again). And so it did-Dane invited her to his place and cooked a meal for her and it was the path to her heart because they never have been apart since that night. Dane and Ashley are two of the kindest, sweetest people that I know and they deserve eachother. Ashley is warm, sweet and her smile is simply contagious. She could light up any room in seconds just by her presence. Dane is quiet, gentle and sweet-you can tell that he thinks the world of Ashley and dotes on her every move.Ashley and Dane are planning a wedding for this October and so I spent an evening with them for their engagement session at a private farm outside of Rice Lake-it was a perfect evening-weather wise and being a witness to their sweet love. I cannot wait to capture their wedding this October.

To see more of Ashley and Dane’s beautiful engagement photos-please click here to watch this slideshow

Makeup By- Fringe Aveda Salon (Chloe Otteson)




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