Rice Lake WI Evening Engagement Shoot | Jordyn & Ed

It started several years ago through a mutual acquaintance.  Jordyn was in high school and totally adored and admired one of her favorite teachers.  She decided to spend her lunch break, catching up with her teacher friend and little did she know how that lunch would change her world.

Ed decided that very same day to pay his Aunt Kelly (remember that teacher from the previous paragraph?)  a little visit.  It was then that Jordyn and Ed met. There was a bit of a spark there for sure-but there was also just a bit of an age difference with Jordyn still being in high school.  This of course was a bit of a glitch and so they didn’t start dating right away.  However,  it wasn’t too long after Jordyn graduated that texts were being exchanged and dates were being set up.  Jordyn and Ed spent years together, yet apart as she had to move on to college several hours away.  They often say that absense makes the heart grow fonder and maybe it was this-or just the fact that they are plain crazy about eachother that the made the distance between them work.

Several years later-here we are shooting their engagement session in a field on a beautiful spring evening.  I love the way these two love each other-they are fun, witty and full of adventure.  I feel so honored to have spent the evening with them, creating their first photographs as a couple and cannot wait to photograph their wedding this September



Late Spring Evening Engagement Shoot

Late Spring Evening Engagement Shoot

They both looked so amazing for their session.  I loved everything about what they wore!JORDYN & ED BLOG--3JORDYN & ED BLOG--4A big thank you to Kelly Lindloff at Fringe Aveda Salon for getting Jordyn looking perfect and ready for her shoot. I absolutely LOVED this gorgeous blue dress that she bought for her session.
JORDYN & ED BLOG--5JORDYN & ED BLOG--6JORDYN & ED BLOG--7JORDYN & ED BLOG--8The light just get so heavenly as the sun begins to set.  JORDYN & ED BLOG-I cannot wait to witness them on their wedding day and their first day of being husband and wife.

Happy Wednesday!





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